ComplianceLine, the premier provider of ethics and compliance solutions for over 20 years, announced today that it has successfully completed its acquisition of Arbor Insight, a technological trailblazer in the Compliance and Ethics arena. The official acquisition date is December 31, 2020.

A reputed company with international reach, ComplianceLine is setting the standard for issue intake, case management, exclusion & license checking platforms, compliance training, and more. Their focus on flexible software solutions and empathetic service gives each hard working Ethics Expert the tools, information, and power to make a positive difference in their world. The company has been seeing immense growth over the past few years, along with increasing demand for intelligent technology to improve risk management and workplace cultures. Adding Arbor Insight’s AI-driven mobile app and web form is the latest contribution to CL’s answer to that demand.

Industry analysts believe that this acquisition will lead to improved issue intake for companies that adopt this technology, driving faster issue closure times, more thoughtful investigations, and reduced risk to employees and company reputations. Co CEO Giovanni Gallo commented, “ComplianceLine concentrates on a platform rooted in the concept of ‘Compliance v3.0’, the idea of moving Compliance and Ethics past mere efficiency toward a more comprehensive effectiveness through new initiatives and technology. This acquisition has brought an intelligent alternative to staid web forms that combines the best of expert-guided interviews with all the scalability, cost efficiency, and flexibility of modern day web and mobile platforms.” Clients who truly believe in mitigating risk and keeping their organizations safe will do well to examine adding a machine intelligent solution to their hotline, in-office, and web form intake.

With this acquisition, ComplianceLine solidifies its place as a technology-forward leader in the Compliance Solutions sector. In addition to the strength of this technology, the acquisition brings with it, Scott LaVictor, Sault Tribe member, founder, and expert at elicitation interviews and investigations, as a new member of the ComplianceLine team. Scott adds, “I am excited that our technology will add a capability that enables current and future clients of CL to meet the growing demands of the increasingly digital workplace, and to be joining a team that places selfless service and empathy at the forefront of both client interactions and technology offerings.” The focus and mission of the CL family remains as focused and steadfast as ever on making the world a better workplace, and 2021 will surely be their best year yet.

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For over 20 years ComplianceLine has been the premier provider of ethics and compliance solutions by putting clients first and prioritizing their needs through selfless service. ComplianceLine’s continuous improvement culture and pursuit of quality over short-term profit affords clients the industry’s best tools in assisting the identification of unethical, illegal and questionable behavior. The ComplianceLine team provides helpline and sanction screening services in 50,000 locations worldwide through highly trained, tenured, and caring compliance-minded professionals focused on improving the lives of our clients through excellent service. ComplianceLine clients include many of the largest¬† organizations in the world. To learn more about ComplianceLine please visit

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