Highlight – Sault Tribe Thrive Strengthens Resources at the National Center’s Reservation Economic Summit 2022

Jun 16, 2022 | Highlights

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, June 16, 2022 – Recently the Sault Tribe Thrive team, comprised of Business Development Director, David Lockhart, and Business Support Coordinator, Justin Emery, headed southwest to meet with our Indigenous sisters and brothers at the 2022 Reservation Economic Summit (RES) hosted by the National Center for American Indian Economic Development (NCAIED) at Ceasers Palace. Now in its 36th year, RES is the largest economic development gathering in Indian Country, providing “programming that runs the gamut of economic development topics in Indian Country – tribal economic diversification, to energy, agriculture, telecommunications, gaming, contracting, business development, technology and IT, and much more” offers NCAIED President and CEO, Chris James.

Sault Tribe Thrive would like to thank the National Center for hosting RES, as well as the many, many fine folks who took the time to connect, listen, and learn with and alongside Sault Tribe Thrive. We look forward to developing reference materials and further exploring new resources in order to empower economic prosperity for members of the Sault Tribe worldwide. To connect with Sault Tribe Thrive, reach out at info@saulttribethrive.com. As always, for all of the latest Sault Tribe Business news check us out on the web at www.saulttribethrive.com/news-and-insights/.