Business Development

The third arm to develop under the Sault Tribe EDC is the Business Development tier. The business development branch was created to provide business support to Sault Tribe citizen-owned businesses.

As the Sault Tribe EDC activities have progressed, it became apparent that with a nation of more than 44,000 Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians citizens, many entrepreneurs and business owners already existed across the service area and United States. The need to diversify the Tribe’s non-gaming economic activities to compliment gaming operations is the main driver in these development efforts.



Business Development portfolio

Sault Tribe Thrive

Empowering economic prosperity for established and future business leaders emerging from the Sault Tribe worldwide.

The Sault Tribe Thrive is a Minority Business Development Agency grant funded program positioned to build partnerships, strengthen resources, educate members and promote their successes.

Sault Tribe Inc.

Sault Tribe, Inc. (STI)’s strategic focus is on the effective pursuit of government contracting opportunities through strategic partnerships and joint venture relationships to enable rapid and scalable business development

While wholly-owned by the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians, the Section 17 federal corporate charter provides separation from the Tribe’s government functions and structure, while retaining all of the benefits afforded to the Tribal government as a whole.

STI is an independent business arm of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. Chartered with the responsibility for enterprise and business development, STI serves as a holding company for a growing number of enterprise businesses and joint ventures.

Sault Tribe Business Alliance

Established in 2018, the Sault Tribe Business Alliance (STBA) was founded by Sault Tribe citizen-owned businesses with the idea of supporting, educating and advocating for tribally-owned businesses. The STBA provides a pool of shared knowledge regarding the unique environment tribal citizen-owned businesses operate within and the benefits of tribal status afforded to tribal-owned businesses.

STBA members have access to training, educational events, networking opportunities, and a prominent posting in the Sault Tribe citizen owned business directory. As a key Sault Tribe EDC initiative, the membership base continues to develop with growing access to information and expanding business consultation capabilities.

Business Development primary functions include

Increasing Contract Opportunities & Contract Awards

Business Attractions & Start-up Support

Promote Business Success Stories

Sales Growth & Capital Formation

Job Creation & Job Retention

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