Business Development (old)

The third arm to develop under the Sault Tribe EDC is the Business Development tier. The business development branch was created to provide business support services to Sault Tribe member-owned businesses. As the Sault Tribe EDC activities have progressed in recent years, it has become apparent that with a tribal nation of more than 44,000 members, many entrepreneurs and business owners exist across the service area and greater United States.

The need to diversify the Tribe’s non-gaming economic activities to compliment developed gaming operations acts as the main driver in these development efforts. Utilizing space on Trust Lands in the Tamarack Business Center and Crane Industrial Suites has afforded numerous competitive advantage to our tribal member-owned businesses.

Prrimary functions include:

  • Outreach and Marketing
  • Attraction Services
  • Business Consultation
  • Business Partnerships
  • Staffing Solutions

Business Development programs include:

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