Sault Tribe Business Resources

The Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians is a Sovereign Government with Sovereign Businesses.

The Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians operates federal, state, and tribally chartered businesses that hold the same statuses as the Tribal Governement.

Partnership opportunties available

Business Directory

Show your support by teaming up with a Tribal business today. Check out our list of Sault Tribe businesses.

Strategic Advantages

Do business with the Tribe. Our partners enjoy several unique benefits of partnering with us.

Tribal Tax Resources

The Sault Tribe has a variety of agreements in place offering tax benefits to both Tribal business owners and Tribal entities.

Request for Proposals

Sault Tribe Purchasing processes all procurement orders for goods and services for all Sault Tribe entities and properties, upon request of requisitioning programs and departments. 

Regional Resources

Sault Tribe Thrive utilizes in-house expertise, networked Sault Tribe business mentors, and partnerships with organizations via strategic alliance memoranda, in addtion to several other federal, state, and local resources.

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