3 Things That Guarantee Weight Gain  

I overeat and underexercise. It's a frequent phrase, usually used while staring at the scale between your bare feet

Let's get started-

Consuming processed foods.

Potato chips, cookies, doughnuts, frozen pizza, hot dogs, fast-food hamburgers, fried chicken, and ice cream


 Fixing metabolism helps patients grow muscle and lose weight. This stops diabetes, heart disease, and aging.

You're sleep-deprived.

Sleep-deprived persons eat more calories and high-calorie processed carbs, according to several research.


Leafy greens contain antioxidants and People focus on diet and exercise and don't realize how much more important sleep is to weight managementthat promote healthy skin

You're aging.

After about age 30, your levels of the hormone testosterone begin to drop and you begin to lose muscle


Ask your doctor to prescribe a blood test to check your free testosterone, which is essential for muscle growth



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