4 Zodiacs Who Aren't Sure If It's Serious

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People born under this sign are notorious for their lack of decisiveness and often have trouble committing to meaningful partnerships.


The inclination of Gemini to overthink situations can often lead to misunderstandings regarding the sincerity of a relationship.


They have a hard time knowing whether a relationship is serious since they appreciate their freedom and independence so much.


Since Sagittarius is always looking for new adventures, it might be difficult for them to notice the indicators of a committed relationship.

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As an emotional loner, Aquarians may fail to recognize when a flirtation has developed into something more serious.


The cerebral tendency of an Aquarius might make it difficult for them to understand the complexity of a relationship on an emotional level.


Pisceans have a reputation for being hopelessly romantic, so it might be difficult for them to tell if a new relationship is genuine.


The idealistic attitude of a Pisces might make it hard for them to understand the practical side of a relationship.

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