5 Suitcase Wrinkle-Free Tips

Even if you have time to iron your clothing at your hotel or Airbnb, there may not be a good iron or steamer. 

Let's get started

Start by laying the item flat on a surface and then fold each side in towards the middle

Roll up your clothing.


Fold jeans lengthwise with one leg on top and then in thirds. "Stack t-shirts and blouses to reduce folding."

Bulk fold.


Place tissue paper inside the sleeves of long-sleeved shirts, and fold additional loose tissue paper sheets on top and between

Three-layer tissue or dryer sheets.


Because they compress easily when packing, the cubes will also help you stay within your luggage weight limit

Use dry-cleaning bags.


Spray thicker or wrinkled materials more. Pull and smooth creases gently. Air-dry clothes

Pack wrinkle-release spray.


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