6 Essential Travel Packing Tips 

Who likes packing? No matter how hard you try, your stuff never fits. Even after zipping your bag, you worry you forgot something. 

Let's get started

When flying internationally, you may convert pounds to kilograms with one click. Reddit users also said it helps pack for lengthy hikes.

Make a personalised packing list.


Try reusing a smaller container like an Altoid tin for a bulky necessary substance. 

Organize your toiletries creatively.


My socks [and T-shirts] are merino wool and can be reworn for days without smelling.

Shampoo clothing.


Those super light shopping bags like ChicoBags are really handy.



which stands up perfectly under an airline seat and keeps everything exactly where I put it.

Carry-on a packing cube.


It won't take much space, but if you bring one while traveling, you can pack your coat inside,

Bring a zipped pillowcase.


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