6 National Parks to See Now

National parks provide some of the country's most stunning landscapes. With over 400 options, it might be hard to select.

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This infamous, white-capped dormant volcano is made up of approximately 25 major glaciers

Mount Rainier National Park


 Animals are specially adapted to live right on the extreme of what's possible for enduring heat and drought

Joshua Tree


If this year was any indication of the future of this national park, you may want to put [it] higher up on your bucket list

Yellowstone National ParkTeton


Of the continental national parks, none have been more visibly impacted than Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park


Rising seas could actually push salt water up through the groundwater, which would make these species disappear

The Everglades


Yosemite National Park, where park authorities and firefighters have been fighting summer wildfires, completes the list.



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