Best Exercises for Men To Get Stronger Legs

To begin, arrange the barbell so that it is comfortably resting on your upper back. This will prepare you to do the first exercise.

Barbell Back Squats

When doing front squats with a barbell, you should position yourself such that the weight is on the front of your shoulders. 

Barbell Front Squats

The leg press starts with you finding a comfortable position on a sled designed specifically for the leg press.

Leg Press

The first step in doing a machine hack squat is to position both feet in front of the body and then move your body to the side slightly.

Hack Squats

The leg extension is the next exercise in our routine for developing larger legs. Take a seat on the leg extension machine and position

Leg Extensions

Lie on your stomach on the leg curl machine so that your chest and hips are forced up against the pad.

Machine Lying Leg Curls

 Put the heel of your rear foot on a gym bench, sofa, or other stable surface, and step out with the toes of your second foot a few feet away from the first.

Bulgarian Split Squats

As you bring the barbell down toward your thighs, maintain a tall chest and soft knees, and flex at the hips to do so. 

Barbell Romanian Deadlifts

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