Essential Oil for Your Zodiac Sign  

Aromatherapy is a common approach to de-stress. Essential oils may help you start the new year with a relaxing routine. 

Let's get started

The right smell for "me time" should be warm and invigorating since you want to be active. 

Aries: Cedarwood


 Your favorite perfume is pleasant and comfortable because you relax at home with a book and goodies.

Taurus: Vanilla


Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bubble bath for a relaxing getaway

Gemini: Lavender


Eucalyptus' woodsy aroma with undertones of mint and citrus will help you relax and feel pampered.

Cancer: Eucalyptus


 Citrus scents match your energy. Orange essential oil brig

Leo: Orange


To maintain order, you need a respite from everyday stress more than anybody else. Diffuse tea tree oil to establish the tone for a luxurious day.

Virgo: Tea Tree


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