Find Out If Each Zodiac Sign Likes You  

 Knowing whether someone likes you in the dating scene may be tricky. Everyone approaches relationships and showing interest in a possible partner differently. 

Let's get started

Aries is not one to hold back; they go after what they want without hesitation

Aries: They initiate.


 Tauruses "aren't especially vocal about their affections," but Cadwell says they know how to charm.

Taurus: Loving.


If they are talkative, they feel comfortable letting loose and sharing what's on their mind.

Gemini: They're flirtatious.


Cancer will remember the little things and take their time to get to know what you like or dislike,

Cancer: They welcome you.


Leo loves words of affirmation, so they will shower you with compliments and roses

Leo: They want to impress.


Virgo is generally reserved, aloof, and shy with their affections

Virgo: They feel.


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