Flight Attendant Travel Tips

Everyone wants travel knowledge. Whether you're a regular flier or an occasional traveler, knowing how to speed through security

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The vent system is right above the windows, and the air temperature is cranked down super low on most flights

Your seat may make you chilly on the aircraft.


Packing cubes are a simple method to arrange your clothing by function and item, and you can use the same cubes to segregate soiled items

Packing properly saves time and space.


Pack light and buy where you land if necessary,

Or bring less.


If you're curious about what annoys flight attendants, it's when passengers exit the lavatory and leave the door open

It's simple to annoy the cabin workers.  


Many carriers now offer budget class tickets, which seem like a good deal

Check your ticket prices before booking.  


You will have just touched the germ-ridden lavatory handle after washing your hands

Put more effort into bathroom cleanup.


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