Learning the farmer's walk: what to do.

The farmer's stroll is an easy one. Simply pick up the item and move it a certain distance.

 Farmers walks may be performed with everything from dumbbells to kettlebells to a trap/hex bar to sandbags.

 You may fill a few of the $3 buckets sold at Home Depot with sand, mud, water, nails, or whatever else you have lying around.

Whole body workout that focuses heavily on the upper back and traps is the farmer's walk. It's also a fantastic way to strengthen your grip.

You can get a good core workout by doing the farmer's walk, too. This is because an upright posture requires a spine that is both stiff and rigid.

The farmer's walk is gaining popularity since it is recognized as a great all-around workout.

One reason for this is that most fitness centers aren't big enough to accommodate individuals lugging about hundreds of pounds on their backs.

over instance, over the last several years I've been regularly (at least once weekly) attending the same gym. 

Some of the locals may even be confused by my presence. I'm in the process of bulking up and becoming really powerful.

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