Recommended Hobbies by Zodiac Sign 

Before spring, the drab, dismal days might feel endless. So if you're in a rut, a new pastime might brighten your day. It's easier said than done

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Mars, the forceful and athletic planet, favors competitive physical hobbies.

Aries: Climbing


Taurus, ruled by Venus, loves luxury and good cuisine. Financially-minded, you work hard and want your life to reflect it.

Taurus: Flowers


Gemini rules the hands, so it's best to have a hobby that keeps your paws busy.

Gemini: Pottery


Cancers are homebodies, so they require a comforting activity. As the moon-ruled crab sign, you are naturally domestic and caring.

Cancer: Breadmaking


 You'd appreciate stand-up comedy or improv since you're creative and need to express yourself.

Leo: Stand-up


Reed says it's pleasant yet rigorous labor that fulfills your drive to serve. As a health-conscious cook, you'll enjoy fresh produce.

Virgo: Garden


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