Weight loss diets that can actually kill you

The HCG Diet is a weight reduction plan that promotes rapid calorie restriction and the use of the pregnancy hormone HCG.

HCG Diet

This unusual eating plan calls for abstaining from food after 6 p.m. on non-full moon nights and fasting during the full moon.

Werewolf Diet

Do you forego breakfast and limit yourself to five nibbles at lunch and dinner? The strictness of this diet is justified.

Five-Bite Diet

The Keto Diet has recently become popular due to the support of several well-known people. But keep in mind how limiting it might be.

Keto Diet

While the idea of eliminating all sugar from your diet may be enticing, doing so is not without drawbacks.

Zero-Sugar Diets

Although it is recommended that you follow this diet depending on your blood type, there is little proof that this really works.

Blood Type Diet

Although juice cleanses promote rapid detoxification and weight reduction, they often lead to dehydration and only provide short-term results.

Juice Cleanses

Megan Fox was a big fan of drinking apple cider vinegar injections, although this practice has been criticized by health experts.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

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