Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

Many people's guilty pleasure is wine. Wine is a great way to relax, toast, or enhance a meal. Astrology may reveal your wine tastes

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 Shiraz, a full-bodied wine with a surprise silky finish, will please your sophisticated taste.

Aries: Shiraz


Most astrologers equate you with tough, earthy Pinot Noir. You'll like this light-bodied red's fruity taste.

Taurus: Pinot


Your versatility makes you indecisive, so it's tough to tell what wine you'll like.

Gemini: Sauvignon Blanc


Moscato, a sweet, low-alcohol wine, is excellent for a movie night on the sofa.

Cancer: Moscato


 Medium-bodied Merlot with rich fruit and vanilla aromas. This easy-drinking red suits movers and shakers like you.

Leo: Merlot


Riesling, a classic, is ideal. Its relaxing flowery and fruity aromas will help you forget the day's problems.

Virgo: Riesling


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