Worst Zodiac Enemies 

Everyone doesn't get along. You may dislike blunt individuals. You hate that gossiper. Knowing your deal breakers with others is essential.

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Cancer will be upset by Aries' bluntness, while Aries will find Cancer's emotional attitude irritating.

Aries, Cancer


They are friendly and giving, yet aloof, independent, and honest to a fault



Aries is too rash for Taurus. Taurus dislikes Aries because they require a lot of praise. 

Taurus, Aries


Gemini's inability to make a choice would annoy even the most adaptable Virgo.

Gemini and Virgo


Both signs are full of life, yet their feelings are quite different. 

Cancer and Sagittarius


 Pisces will feel unsupported and Leo will be annoyed by Pisces' continuous neediness.

Pisces, Leo


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