Your Zodiac Pizza Order  

Pizza tastes vary. Whether you like NYC-style pizza, Chicago deep dish, or gourmet pizza, your toppings reveal a lot about you.

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Therefore, they will try to incorporate every topping on the menu with a dash of spice for their desirous nature

Aries: Supreme Pizza


Taurus prefers nicer things, but you can still enjoy a classic again and then. You're picky about pizza toppings

Taurus: Sausage Pizza


Hawaiian pizza's sweet-salty taste embraces your duality in a joyful and surprising manner.

Gemini: Hawaiian Pizza


Cancer likes pepperoni pizza because it reminds them of their childhood, Stardust says.

cancer: pepperoni pizza


You like big choices because you have trouble keeping things low-key. Obviously, you need a bold pizza.

Leo: Meat Lover Supreme


The pizza's wonderful harmony and nutritional ingredients make Virgo feel fantastic all day.

Virgo: Veggie Pizza


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