Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal House

Dorothy stated it best—"There's no place like home." These homes are precious, from your childhood bedroom through your first apartment.

Let's get started

A baller contemporary new-build is the perfect way for Aries to show off their hard work and efforts

Aries: Modern


Stardust thinks a Tudor is ideal for Taurus because it grounds them and prepares them for any challenge.

Taurus: Tudor


A split-level will give Gemini lots of space to get into trouble and have a bit of fun

Gemini: Split-Level


A farmhouse-style home with a pool or nice wrap-around porch to help them decompress is ideal for this sensitive sign

Cancer: Farm


A penthouse to show off all their fine art and collectibles is exactly what flashy and dramatic Leo will love,

Leo: Loft


A modest cottage-style home with a few bedrooms allows Virgo to truly embrace their decor and style

Virgo: Cottage


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