Your Zodiac Sign's Perfume

Your distinctive fragrance reflects you. Choose something fruity if you're lively and readily stimulated. You're flirtatious and romantic if you wear florals.

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This is an ideal scent for people born under the courageous, active, and daring sign of the ram,

Aries: Cinnamon


Heliotrope offers a soft almond and vanilla scent with an edge of earthiness that some say is more reminiscent of food than flower

Taurus: Heliotrope


This fragrance is cheerful and youthful, which mirrors some of the best and brightest qualities of the Gemini personality



Oranges, mandarins, or even grapefruits have a smell that appeals to the bright and dramatic sign of Leo

Leo: Citrus


As a grounded and wholesome earth sign, Virgo people are drawn to the scent of pine

Virgo: Pine


The fragrance of rose will help a Libra person portray their sentimental attraction energy

Libra: Rose


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