Zodiac Candles  

Houseplants or fresh flowers, neutrals or bright colors—everyone has home décor preferences. Even a candle may have too many possibilities. 

Let's get started

You can rock an apple-cinnamon flavored aroma all year round, so it's totally okay to break out those holiday candles early

Aries: Cinnamon Apple Candle


You indulge as a Venus-ruled sign. Your perfect candle should have the rich, dreamy scents you enjoy.

Taurus Candle


 You have an open mind since you were born beneath the twins. You have your favorites, yet you're open to new things.

Gemini: Strawberry Basil Candle


 Atlas's says a candle smelling like fresh washing is excellent for homey thoughts.

Cancer Candle:


You're more than a showoff. You're loyal and passionate about everything. You need an upbeat, energetic candle smell.

Leo: Orange Blossom Candle


Virgo, the zodiac's perfectionist, sees everything. Your meticulousness sets you apart. You favor classics over trends.

Virgo: Cedar-Sandalwood Candle


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