Zodiac Fruits

Nothing beats biting into a perfectly ripe piece of your favorite sweet and juicy fruit. Fruit is nature's candy and tastes fantastic over yogurt, in pies, and in frozen cocktails. 

Let's get started

 Add bananas to your supermarket basket next time. These tasty tropical delights are simple and efficient.

Aries: Bananas


Like the peach, you want a tenacious, slow-ripening fruit. Due to its short shelf life, people shun this fruit,

Taurus: Peaches


Blueberries are good in savory salads, buttery muffins, and sweet cobblers.

Gemini: Blueberries


 You're cautious about who you allow in, so few get to see your secret side—like luscious cherries. 

Cancer: Cherries


 Passion fruit, like you, has a rough skin and a sweet, juicy interior. Leo, the genuine ones recognize how special you are.

Leo: Passionfruit


 Apples are nutritious, portable snacks that fit into your everyday schedule. 

Virgo: Apples


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