Zodiac Sign-Specific Comfort Food

There's nothing like cuddling up with your favorite comfort meal after a hard day at work, being sick, or being exhausted and freezing in winter.

Let's get started

 Like beef stew, you're confident and peppery. The broth and beef provide a substantial basis for any vegetables and heat.

Aries:  Spicy Beef Stew


 Mac n' cheese provides taste and comfort, so what better dish? This cozy supper is easy to create.

Taurus:  Mac & Cheese  


A hefty dish of buffalo wings will fulfill your hunger and keep your friends talking all night.

Gemini: Wings


 It's ideal for ending a hectic week or enhancing a self-care night. Why not add ice cream? Earned it.

Cancer: Chocolate


You like chicken and waffles. This sweet-and-salty southern comfort favorite is excellent for a bottomless brunch.

Leo:  Waffles


A plate of chips & queso, a few close pals, and a margarita (or two) is the perfect spicy treat.

Virgo:  Queso.


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