Zodiac-Specific Pasta

Pasta is timeless. Why not? The hundreds of pasta combinations provide a world of textures, tastes, and cultures in a simple, tasty dish. 

Let's get started

What makes this recipe great for Aries is that you can add as much spice as you'd like to this sauce

Aries: Penne Alla Vodka


It looks and tastes good with any sauce, which practical Taurus will love

Taurus: Cavatappi


Baked pasta dishes are trendy right now because they're easy for the on-the-go crowd, and Gemini, in particular

Gemini: Baked Feta Pasta


This dish takes time to get right; you'll probably need to cook it a few times to find your perfect version of this classic

Cancer: Lasagna


 Passion fruit, like you, has a rough skin and a sweet, juicy interior. Leo, the genuine ones recognize how special you are.

Leo: Passionfruit


Orzo is such a great pasta base because it pairs well with almost any sauce and any protein

Virgo: Chicken Orzo


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