Zodiac-Specific Pastries  

Delicious pastries may brighten a Monday morning or make you the workplace hero. Choosing a sweet treat may be difficult with so many tastes

Let's get started-

Aries: Cinnamon Spice Coffeecake

Coffee cake is your ideal pastry. This recipe's streusel topping, flavors, and directions are great.


Taurus: Almond Croissant  

You have high requirements for new eating experiences. You like rich, sugary sweets.


Gemini: Peach-Cardamom Scones

You find that the finest moments in life come when you're not planned them


Cancer: Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

You're natural nurturers and can make any place comfy. Your cooking reflects your love for others.


Cherry Turnovers

These luscious cherry turnovers will surprise your team. Serve à la mode for extra points.


Virgo: Zucchini Bread

You're so excellent at cooking's intricacies that even "dull" meals have promise.




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